Days in the Desert on CD

Days in the Desert on CD

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Days in the Desert by High Pulp

ANTI- Records

Side A:
(1) Slaw
(2) Dirtmouth (feat. James Brandon Lewis)
(3) Solanin (feat. Brandee Younger)
(4) Never In My Short Sweet Life (feat. MonoNeon)
(5) Robert Pollard

Side B:
(6) Unified Dakotas (feat. Jeff Parker)
(7) Fast Asleep
(8) (If You Don’t Leave) The City Will Kill You (feat. Daedelus)
(9) Fatigue (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel & Telemakus)
(10) Bad Infinity

Written, Recorded, and Produced by High Pulp:
Bobby Granfelt
Rob Homan
Antoine Martel
Andrew Morrill
Victory Nguyen
Scott Rixon

Featured Artists:
James Brandon Lewis - Tenor Saxophone (2)
Brandee Younger - Harp (3)
MonoNeon - Bass (4)
Jeff Parker - Guitar (6)
Daedelus - Electronics & Synthesizers (8)
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Guitar (9)
Telemakus - Keyboards & Synthesizers (9)

Brandee Younger appears courtesy of Impulse! Records
Kurt Rosenwinkel appears courtesy of Heartcore Records

Additional Personnel:
Isaac Poole - Trombone (1)(2)(8)(10)
Gehrig Uhles - Guitar (1)(2)(6)

Mixed by Bradley Giroux
Mastered by Adam Thein
Artwork by Robert Beatty